Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You're looking sexier

"You're getting sexier" these were my hubby's words to me this morning while i was getting dressed for work.
All i could do is to look at him with an "are you seriously saying this to me" kind of face.

You see, this is new to me all over again, the last time i heard that word from him was when we were still dating and i was a size 12/14 or is it 16 not too sure but i was "skinny".
And hearing him say that to me this morning again got goose pimples rushing down my skin. i felt like crying but this time tears of joy... all my hard work is beginning to pay off.

My hubby is this kind of person that doesn't compliment much, he rather acts on things than say it, and when he does say it, he really means it.

My weight has made me very shy, i would sometimes hide away from hubby to dress up not because he complains but because i complain, i hated my body so much that i did not even want anyone else to see it but me.

This dieting and exercising has pulled off a whole new me and even though i still have a verryyyyyy long way to go, am happy the results are beginning to be visible.

Today, i wore a sleeveless to work, when i was wearing it at home i felt so bold but now am at work, hmm i feel so shy, fat and too exposed with my massive strech marks arms showing. But as a NAB reader told me yesterday ... i need to start "feeling" it, that is the only way to build the confidence.

Am happy am doing this, my life is totally changing for good and am grateful to God everyday.