Sunday, May 26, 2013

Keeping my head up

Sorry people, I don't know if you guys already know, but this chique is a big brother addict and am sorry if you guys missed me.

Am down, after watching BBA the chase I have been pretty much on my own carrying a long face, am in constant chat now with my consultant and she is trying to talk me out of it. Funny! When a doctor needs someone to treat her. Am a psychologist, i should know better, and pull myself out from this messy place I found me.
But I can't, I need help.
Added 2kg, yes I know I said no weigh in, but after the wellness day i have cheated. Took tuna sandwich yesterday, potatoes with mushrooms, touched my son's plantain and chips at fried fish and sipped hubby's amarula today. Just this weekend! I don't know if its what made me add but I don't care, the scale says 2kg up. And to worsen it all no exercise this weekend only the Zumba class I participated on during Saturday's wellness day and since it was my first time I was messing up big time.
This is not funny at all. This is my second lap in my journey (every three months is a lap) and am falling out.
My consultant feels I should not worry much about it that even her cheats once in a while but I can't help it.
I need to be focused , I have pressing motivators in August and September and I want to really look GOOD in fact smashing.

I don't need to be derailed I need to be focused.

I have been praying the hardest prayer, I do not want to slip off.

Lord help me find a way out of this, and focus on my loss.

Give me the guidance needed for to do this once again and make it a lifestyle

Give me the spirit of resistance.

Give hope and strength for focus.

Help me believe in me always. That I can do this.

I need your grace, I do not need to fall out.

It's a rocky journey but I want to exhale

It has to end in praise lord.

Guide me lord I need to keep my head up

This song is on my mind and I thought I should share.

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